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Updated: Basutoland, Bechuanaland, South Africa, South West Africa and Swaziland Airmail rates. India postal rates. Great Britain - Air parcel rates. Newfoundland - parcel rates; Broken Links - Stamp preservation and Solomon Islands. Updated pdf files - Australia, Silver Jubilee Perfins, Flagstaff Index issues 1-43.
Added: Link to general stamp information.
Updated: Cyprus - corrected airmail rates to Egypt and Palestine; New Zealand - corrected information on airmail supplemental fees and also rates to India; India - corrected information on airmail to Germany via DLH. Updated airmail rates to Africa for Australia, Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Great Britain, Grenada, Jamaica, KUT, New Zealand and Dependencies, Northern Rhodesia, St. Vinvent, South Africa, South West Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Straits Settlements and Swaziland. Variety files listings Bradbury, Canada, De la Rue, Specimens and Waterlow. Perfins listing
Corrected: Link to Robert Murray Stamp shop; Typo regarding distance between GB perforations
Added: De la Rue page - Plate 4 Row 10, Column 2
Updated: Airmail rates - Bahamas. Corrected postal rates for Ascension, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, St. Helena, Somaliland, South West Africa. List of Specimen varieties.
Correction in description of DLR Rv(2A)-7/6; Revised variety location of Rv4-10/2. Removed airmail parcel rates from Basutoland, Bechuanaland, South Africa, South West Africa and Swaziland to Belgian Congo (incorrect).
Rocket Mail - India: Additional labels and proofs. New used Prussian Blue.
PDF lists of varieties: Bradbury, De la Rue, Waterlow, Specimen stamps, South Africa. Updated Silver Jubilee perfin listings.
Updated: Parcel post rates for South Africa, Rhodesias, KUT, GB (only to Southern Africa). Corrected airmail rates for Northern Rhodesia to Irish Free State
Added: Postal rates. Link to Philatelic material preservation. Slogans - Common Design and Great Britain. New Dealer. Additional links.
Updated: Common Design variety classification system updated to conform with Study Circle; Study Circle information; Links pages, Used Prussian Blue information, Web listing of varieties - Bradbury, De la Rue & Waterlow;
Updated: Acrobat files: Bradbury, De la Rue, Perfins, Specimens, Flagstaff index.
Corrected links
Added: Acrobat files: Great Britain varieties. Silver Jubilee Bibliography
Updated: Acrobat files: Bradbury lists and varieties. Waterlow lists and varieties. Flagstaff Index updated to issue 25. Silver Jubilee perfin list
Added: Australia - 2d varieties. Auction. Philatelic Gems (#20).
Updated: Correction to Quetta Earthquake Relief Fund. Pdf files for Bradbury, Canadian, Waterlow and Specimen varieties list; Perfin position and Silver Jubilee Perfins list. Flagstaff Index updated to include issue 23.
Added: India Rocket mail for Quetta Earthquake relief fund; Package First Day mailing - South Georgia Island (Postal History>Postal Covers>Other mail); Australia - timelines and 2d varieties. New acknowledgements.
Updated: pdf files:- Bradbury, Canadian, De La Rue and Specimen varieties lists. Perfins listing.Updated Flagstaff index (Issues 1 - 22).
Added: New links on links page. New acknowledgements. German propaganda forgeries. Unknown De la Rue variety. Bradbury Plate 12 images. Waterlow Plate 9 images
Updated: Bradbury, Canadian and Waterlow varieties.
Added: Bradbury plate 12 listings.
Updated: Varieties listings.
Added: Great Britain booklet information (printing, cylinder numbers, perforations, advertisements, compilation of booklet, acrobat file)
Updated: De la Rue varieties (broken flags), Waterlow varieties and Specimen lists.
Added: Great Britain - Stamp Production, Control Letters, Cylinder Number, Sheet Perforation Types and other sheet markings (Stamps - Other Countries - Great Britain).
Updated: Waterlow varieties list.
Added: Niue vertical imperf (Other Countries - NZ Dependencies)
Updated: Further updatings on acrobat files relating to varieties and printers information (Bradbury varieties, De la Rue, Waterlow printers, Perfins and Specimens)
Added: Double impression of Indian Rocket Mail label (Postal History, Rocket Mail, India, March 23); "Non-European" Post Office cancellation, South Africa (Postal History, Postal Covers, Other Mail); New Dealer (SAStamps).
Updated: Missing Job Number for April 1935 Ceylon 6c booklet. Further updating of varieties listings of Common Design stamps printed by Bradbury, De la Rue and Waterlow.
Added: Waterlow specimen variety example. Additional scans - Australian and Indian rocket mail; Graf Zeppelin mail; Southern Rhodesia specimens
Updated: Specimen varieties,  De la Rue Printers varieties, Waterlow Printers varieties, Bradbury Printers varieties and Perfin lists. Prussian Blue information.
Added: Graf Zeppelin Mail (see Postal History). De la Rue Plate (2B) information.
Updated: Specimen varieties list, De la Rue Printers varieties, Waterlow Printers varieties, South African varieties. Variety Locator information. Prussian Blue information.
Added: Unofficial Essays of GB issue; Niue imperforate with short 'E' in George.
Corrected: Number of Canadian stamps printed. Information on Niue and Cook Island corrected.
Added: Unofficial Essays of GB issue; Completed Auction (Temple Bar). Freedman watercolour essay. New Dealers (Bridger & Kay Ltd. PhilaGallery)
Updated: SJ Perfins list; Canadian Perfins list; Specimen varieties list; Bradbury Printers varieties list; De la Rue list.
Added: New Auction (Temple Bar). Completed Auction (Philatelic Friends)
Updated: SJ Perfins list
Added: 2/6 Great Britain Postal Order image. Images of Prussian Blue control numbers. New Auction (Philatelic Friends)
Updated: New India perfins added to listing; GB perfin numbers updated
Revised: Information on the Prussian Blue control and cylinder numbers have been corrected and updated. Corrected a number of spelling mistakes.
Added: Link - New Zealand Jubilee Air flight. New dealer - Curtis Gidding. Completed Auction (Universal Philatelics, Nov 2002). New Auction (Universal Philatelics)
Updated: Job Numbers from October and December 1935 for 6c Ceylon Booklet.
New India and Ceylon perfins added to listing; GB perfin numbers updated.
Added: The Common Design stamp Colour Trials, Specimen Proofs and Ceylon Die and Colour Proof information (See Postal History/Issues Design History/Common Design).
Updated: New information added to De la Rue pdf file. Silver Jubilee and Canadian Perfins pdf files updated.
Added: Completed Auction (Temple Bar #62)
Added: New auction (Philatelic Gems).
Updated: De la Rue pdf file to standardise plate descriptions. New varieties added to Fiji listing.
Added: Stamp2.com gold prize site award. Canadian varieties - listings and examples. New auction (Temple Bar). Completed auction (Philatelic Friends #59). Sloper booklet on perfins.
Updated: Silver Jubilee Perfins listings.' Weeping Princess' - Canada 1c
Added: Lundy Island - colour trials and essays and extra-flagstaff varieties. Dealers and Auctioneers listings to the site (Saskatoon Stamps,  Surrey stamps)
Updated: New Zealand Dependencies listing; Perfins listings
Added: Lundy Island Specimen stamps (Postal history - other); Bisected Stamp (Basutoland); Section on Book Mail Covers (Postal History-covers); Perfinned Registered letter (Postal History - covers)
Updated: Canadian perfins listing
Added: New Auction (Universal Philatelics).
Updated: South African Perfins listing, Bradbury varieties listing.
Added: Burma cinderella (Postal History - other items). Information on reproduction and copyright. Links - British Library and Watermark imaging program. New Auctions (Temple Bar and Philatelic Friends)
Updated:  Watermarks on scanned images reproduced by permission of Consignia
Added: Mauritius perfin.German propaganda stamps
Updated: Australia, India and New Zealand perfin listings
Added: Perfin listing for South West Africa and Southern Rhodesia. Information and scans on 5c Canadian dies and proofs. Great Britain booklet "cancelled" overprints.
Updated: Perfins listing from Australia, Ceylon, India, South Africa and Acrobat perfins pdf files. Watermark images added to pictures obtained from Canadian National Archives. Link to Acrobat Reader site. Information and scans on 1c Canadian dies and proofs. Search links
Revised: Canada Timelines. Postmaster General corrected to A Sauvé. Great Britain specimen stamp information.
Added: Great Britain Postal Orders. Ascension Island and Barbados stamp information.
Updated: Contact information regarding the Study Circle.
Revised: Information re Alf Garnett from the Lundy spoofs.
Added: International Philatelic Federation Web site competition award.
Revised: Waterlow printers list including correction of description of Pl6 10/6(pdf)
Added: Timeline and design history of Great Britain Issue; Great Britain Essays, Freedman Essays, Colour Trials, Specimen stamp and Booklet imprimaturs; Picture NBI bank Calcutta to India perfin stamp; Redirected mail
Updated: Common Design history timelines. Australian and South African perfins (also in Silver Jubilee Perfins pdf listing); Glossary.
Added: Completed Auction (Universal Philatelics #6; Temple Bar #58, #59, #60). Perfin listing for British Honduras, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa and Straits Settlements. Acrobat file of listing of Silver Jubilee perfins.
Updated: Australia and India perfins listing.
Added: Common Design locator file in pdf format
Added: Locator Assistance for Waterlow varieties
Updated: Site map pdf
Added: Locator Assistance for Bradbury varieties
Revised: Bradbury pdf files
Revised: Locator Assistance for known De la Rue varieties.
Added: Locator Assistance for known De la Rue varieties. New Auction (Temple Bar)
Updated: Perfins listing
Revision: Major site revision. Sections reclassified.
Updated: Information on South African stamps. In Acrobat files.
Added: Lundy Island stamps; Netscape Navigator viewing information; Printers - their history;Indian Rocket Mail information and details about Stephen Smith; Timeline and history of Canadian stamp design; Ascension Island; Acknowledgements
Updated: Prussian Blue. Corrections and new information from Alastair Hacket
Added: Scans of pages of Ceylon booklet
Added: Consolidated Index of Flagstaff issues (Study Circle)
Updated: Bradbury, De la Rue and Waterlow listings.
Added: New Auction (Philatelic Gems)
Updated: Bradbury, De la Rue, Waterlow and Specimen varieties listings
Added: New scans - De La Rue (Plate 4 R/C 1/1)
              Prussian Blue - Great Britain (see Stamps, Other countries)
              Acknowlegement of contributors (home page)
              New Auction (Temple Bar)
Updated: Search Page, Site Map.
Added: Links to Tony Ainscough's Silver Jubilee site (see Links and Stamp Dealers)
Added: Completed Auction information (Philatelic Gems #10)
Updated: De la Rue varieties listing plus pdf files
Added: Completed Auction information (Philatelic Friends #57 & Universal Philatelics #5). New Auction (Universal Philatelics 04/12/02)
Updated: Perfin listings for most Colonies
Updated: Acrobat files of New New Zealand Dependencies
Added: Bibliographic references on perfins of India, New Zealand and Straits Settlements.
Updated: List of known perfins on Australian Silver Jubilee stamps
Added: New Auction (Philatelic Gems of the British Empire 01/23/02)
Updated: Varieties listings for Common Design and Specimens.
Revised: Canada (additional information on 13c stamp); South Africa (additonal information on revenue usage of ½d and 1d stamps)
Added: New Auctions (Philatelic Friends 01/19/02); Glossary (Information Section)
Revised: Corrected date of issue of Morocco Agencies (May 8, not June 8)
Corrected spelling of author of article on Jamaica booklets (Swarbrick not Swarick)
Added: New Auctions (Temple Bar 12/21/01; Universal Philatelics 01/11/02). Completed Auction information (Universal Philatelics #4)
Added: New Auction (Drewett - Empire Stamp 12/07/01)
Added: 3 Star Award - International Philatelic Federation (FIP) Web Site Competition
Additional bibliography information for Australia, South Africa, Perfins and General Articles.
Revised: Ceylon perfin listing
Added: Perfin Airmail Cover
Revised: Hong Kong 5c variety Pl.5 R/C 7/1. Site Map and Bradbury pdf files updated
Added: New Auction (Temple Bar - 10/12/01); Australian rocket mail
Added: New Auction (Drewett - Empire Stamp 10/19/01)
Added: Auction results from Philatelic Friends (August 18, 2001) and Philatelic Gems of the Empire (September 26, 2001)
Revised: Bradbury Plate 3 R/C 1/4 plus updated varieties listing
Added: Australia perfin
Added: New Auctions (Loffstadt - 9/26/01 and Universal 10/5/01). Completed Auctions - Universal 6/29/01.  Jamaica booklet; Australian and Indian Rocketgrams
Revised: Page layout for Ceylon perfins and listings
Added: "Where is it?" section. Also added section on perfins from Great Britain.
Revised: Navigation bars and help section
Added: Newfoundland perfin - all stamps plus cover; Ceylon perfins including listings; Timelines for design and implementation of Common Design.
Added: Hong Kong Perfin - Thomas Cook & Sons; New scan Waterlow Plate 2 R/C 3/1
Ceylon Booklet.
Site moved: To http://www.philatel2.com/jubilee
Added: Past Auctions page for Philatelic Friends
Updated: Acrobat files (Bradbury, De la Rue, Waterlow and New Zealand Dependencies)
Added: New Scans (Waterlow Pl 5 R/C 10/6)
Revised: South African section. Acrobat files redistilled (smaller file size)
Added: Detailed pdf files on South Africa and Specimen varieties and Site Map.
   Page on Southern Rhodesia stamps
Added: Section on Perfins rewritten (new scans also added).
   New scans Bradbury (Plate 1 -/2; Plate 3 8/3; Plate 6 5/2)
   New scans Waterlow (Plate 2B 2/1; Plate 2A/2B 4/6; Plate 8 8/2).
   Booklet section added. Great Britain. Includes Type differences of GB.
Updated: Bradbury and Waterlow Acrobat files - new varieties positions noted.
Added: Section with examples of Postal and Commemorative covers and other items (Postal History)
Updated: Entire site revised. New site classification used. Thumbnail pictures added with links to larger pictures of varieties. Bradbury, De la Rue and Waterlow listings updated. Help and Quick Search capability added.
Updated: De la Rue and Waterlow lists (Acrobat format)
                  Award for site of the week (Home page)
Added: Temple Bar to list of Auctioneers
Updated: De la Rue list (Acrobat format) and Temple Bar Auction
Added: Page with upcoming Auctions of Silver Jubilee items. Included on home page with link
Added: Additional bibliographic references (Books, General Articles, Canada,
              Falkland Islands, Niue, Seychelles)
Added: "Halo" cleft skull on Cleft Skull page, South Africa
Updated: Better picture Block 4 showing long "1" & cleft skull on above page
                  Better picture taggered ear on page South Africa 4
Added: New Page - Other Specimens 1 under Specimens
              Southern Rhodesia specimen (Other Specimens 1)
              New Page - Frame Varieties under Waterlow
              Bradbury Imprint for South West Africa (Other Printers)
              Canada - Stamps and varieties (Other Countries)
Updated: De la Rue list (Acrobat format). Numbers of  stamps and sheets printed corrected. Additional varieties noted. Drawing of vignette and identifiers added.
                  Waterlow list (Acrobat format). Numbers of stamps/sheets printed and varieties identified updated. Split into two files. Drawing of vignette and identifiers added.
Based on information from Flagstaff (Journal of George V Silver Jubilee Study Group).
Sources of information: More detail provided under site information.
Updated: Identifying portions of Windsor Castle (Stamp Design Information) and correction of Brunswick Tower for Prince of Wales Tower (error)
Added: FDC to Stanley Gibbons (other items)
Updated: Waterlow information.
Updated: Further additions to Bibliography

Added: Site map; Updates page; Information on stamp design colour; General links.
Updated: Site skeleton extensively re-arranged to have 11 major headings;
New Zealand Dependencies; De la Rue information; Bibliography pages