Postal Covers of Philatelic Interest
An area of great interest to serious collectors are covers that display some aspect of the postal service. This may take the form of correct postage use, postal routings, postal markings or other issues related to the development and process of the postal service. Most of the scanned images shown on the subsequent pages have been provided by John Cooper. John was responsible for an in-depth identification and cataloguing of the positions of the stamps with flaws and varieties on the various plates of the Common Design stamps. John has now expanded his interest to postal usage and covers from the various colonies. He is always looking for new and interesting covers.

Each colony released four stamps of denominations in frequent use. The values issued were chosen according to specific criteria. One stamp had to be the usual inland letter rate, the second a denomination equal to or below 6d in value, the third the foreign letter rate, and one other a shilling of the local equivalent. However, the application of postal rates varied. For example, in some colonies Airmail was inclusive of Empire and Foreign rate, whilst in others it was extra.

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Inland Mail. Mail within the country or colony  (image = 40k)

Empire Mail. Mail to other Colonies or Countries of the British Empire  (image = 40k)

Foreign Mail. Mail to other countries
(image = 40k)

Registered Mail. Domestic, Empire and Foreign
(image = 48k)

Airmail. Empire and Foreign. (image = 25k)

Additional Charges. Mail where extra postage costs are involved.  (image = 31k)

Postal Marks. Interesting cancellations etc.
(image = 27k)

Other Mail. Mail costs or routings that do not fit well into any of the above categories. (image = 29k)