This page includes pictures I have of known varieties from Plates 7, 8 & 9 from the Waterlow Printers.

To see a more detailed picture of the variety click on the picture.

Plate 7
W-A-D: JXXX-W-07-01-05

Bird just above and to left of Brunswick Tower      
Row 7 Column 1

            jpeg = 16k
Plate 8
W-A-D: JXXX-W-08-08-02-VB-000

Dot above State Apartments
Row 8 Column 2

             jpeg = 19k
Plate 9
W-A-D: JXXX-W-09-03-01-VB-000

Small dot above State Apartments and large dot on River Thames in front of chapel
Row 3 Column 1