Getting around the site. (This is also the HELP Page)

This guide is provided to help you work your way more efficiently through the web site. Any suggestions in improving this section are welcomed (

It is recommended that you also review the General Information section page which contains general information about each section of the web site when you have finished reading these pages.

The dark blue band at the top of the page (the brand bar) lists the major categories of the web site. Each category may have sections,  subsections or divisions within it. These section and subsection/division (indented) listings are found on the left side of each page in the yellow band (the navigation bar). The current page is highlighted in white colour. Note that the subsections are nested and become listed when you click on sections

You can move from category to category (or section to section) by using the links found on either the yellow or blue parts of each page. Where information about a country is spread over several categories, a special section has been set up on the navigation (yellow) bar listing all of the links. A note at the top of the page will draw this to your attention.
An alternate approach is to use the Search capability. It contains an alphabetical listing of the various parts of the site including varieties and other philatelic information.

A final technique that can be used is by accessing the Site Map page and linking to pages from there.