Postal Rates
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Note: The listed rates are not necessarily complete - this what I have identified to date.

All errors are mine alone. Additional information and any corrections are welcomed

Listed postal rates for each Country, Dependence  or Colony are described for
     - Local rates
     - Empire rates
     - Foreign rates
     - Airmail rates (if applicable)
     - Parcel rates
     - Other rates
Note: In some instances rates are quoted as to June 1935 and from July 1935. These are rates where UPU documents quote a changed rate from the rate quoted six months previously. I have not been able to confirm exactly when the change came into effect and have abitrarily used the June and July dates. In other instances the months of change known and these are quoted.

Sources and Acknowledgements

I have used multiple sources to identify the various postal rates, including cross referencing.
The major sources have been

The Dominions Office and Colonial Office List 1935
Colonial Offices Government 'Blue Books'
Post Office Year Books and Gazettes
Edward Proud's postal history books of many of the Colonies
Multiple books dealing with individual colonies
The Flagstaff
Multiple journals covering postal rates in some form or another
Tony Ainscough's website (
Auction catalogues

Below I have listed books for specific colonies/countries where a significant amount of information was available.

  Brown, J. Indian airmail Postage rates until 1956. The India Study Circle for Philately. 2000
  Ferguson's Ceylon Directory. The Ceylon Observer Press. Colombo 1936
  Furfie, M. British Civilian postage rates of the 20th Century. Michael Furfie. Ashford. Middlesex 2000
  Hopson, S & McCloy, B. Seychelles: Postal history and Postage Stamps to 1976. Indian Ocean Study Circle 2002
  Nicholson, MP. Postal History of Nigeria 1900-1936. Somerset. 1985
  Stotter, DA. The British Post Office Service in Morocco 1907-1957. Postal History Society & British Philatelic
         Trust. London 2007
It would be difficult to list everyone who have provided me with assistance. However, I would like to acknowledge the following individuals. I apologise in advance to any one who feels they should also be listed and aren't (Feel free to contact me)

John Cooper
Rodney Frost
Harvey Russell
David Stotter