Finding Location (Plate/Row/Column number) of Varieties

This section is designed to help one find the location of the variety with respect to its plate, row or column number. The steps to follow are listed below the information section.

Known Location
All known Common Design and Other Countries varieties are listed in this section. It contains pictures or scanned images to help identify the particular variety.
Only the Common Design Sections are complete.

Location Unknown
These are scanned images of flaws that people have sent me. Their position is unknown. It is hoped that someone may be able to identify their position.

Approach to Locating stamp positions
Go to the known location section first.
Identify Printer.
Identify the grid number position of your variety.
Note: Use the lowest point of the variety for grid placement.
Look up the list of varieties and view images listed under that grid number.
If variety cannot be found, look at images under Printers in the unknown location section.
If variety still not found. Contact me (Neil Donen). Please provide me with.
a - jpeg image of whole stamp scanned at 150 dpi.
b - higher resolution scan (450-600 dpi) of the area around the variety