Many people, organizations and agencies have contributed to the development and growth of this web site. Each contribution, large or small, has been extremely valuable. The most gratifying part of the experience has been the contact with people who willingly acceded to my requests.

This page lists all who have helped me (If I have missed someone - humble apologies. Please contact me so I can correct this oversight). Details of their contributions can be found scattered through out the site. To all I say:-

Thank you very much


Frits Aab (Germany)
John Mathews (Australia)
Tony Ainscough (UK)
Peter Maybury (South Africa)
Mel Ameen (USA)
Jim Melling (Canada)
Michael Behm (Canada)
Charlie Miller (USA)
Akis Christou (Cyprus)
Michael Miller (USA)
Peter Cooney (Canada)
Cimone Morin (Canada)
John Cooper (UK)
George Muraleetheran (Canada)
Henk de Lange (South Africa)
Andrew Randall (UK)
Paul den Ouden (Canada)
David Raynes (UK)
Norman Dixon (USA)
Wim Ros (Netherlands)
Paul Ecclefield (UK)
Harvey Russell (UK)
Steve Ellis (UK)
Rod Sell (Australia)
Tony Ferreira (South Africa)
Barry Senior (Canada)
David Gillis (USA)
Don Slaughter (Canada)
Rajbir Grewal (UK)
David Stotter (UK)
Stefan Heijtz (Sweden)
Dorel Suceava (USA)
Franz Heyman (UK)
Tim Todd (USA)
Ed Hughes (USA
Conrad Tremblay (Canada)
Barry Jacques (UK)
Jeff Turnbull (UK)
Jon Jonson (Canada)
Michael Wigmore (South Africa)
Steve Koning (Canada)
Mark Yarry (USA)
Per Lindqvist (Sweden)
Louis Zandbergen (Netherlands)
David Loffstadt (UK)


American Philatelic Society
State College, Pennsylvania
Roger West
Avion Thematics and Phoenix International
Codnor Park, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

British North America Philatelic Society Perfin Study Group

Paul Ecclefield
Condor Stamps
Fleet, Hamshire
United Kingdom

David Crocker and Michael Wigmore
Montague, Cape
South Africa
Gary Lyon
Eastern Auctions Ltd.
Bathurst, New Brunswick

Grosvenor Auctions
United Kingdom

Perfin Society of Great Britain
Philatelic Friends (Auctions)
Hout Bay, Cape
South Africa

Saskatoon Stamp Centre
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Spink Auctioneers
Bloomsbury, London
United Kingdom

Stanley Gibbons Stamps
London, England
United Kingdom

Superior Galleries
Beverly Hills, California

Temple Bar Auctions
United Kingdom

Government Agencies  

The British Library, London, United Kingdom

Canada Post Corporation

Royal Mail, United Kingdom
National Archives of Canada