This section lists books, articles and other resource information about the Silver Jubilee stamp issues.

This page contains general references, including major auctions where significant Silver Jubilee stamps were sold. The following pages (Bibliography A-F; Bibliography G-M; Bibliography N-V) list references pertinent to different countries.

Additional reference sources are always welcomed. Please e-mail me.

Many of the articles or books can be loaned  through the American Philatelic Research Library Service (APRL) of the American Philatelic Society.

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General Articles
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Temple Bar Auctions (Bridger & Kay Ltd). "The John Cooper Collection of 1935 Silver Jubilee Stamps"
       Part 1    Postal Sale No. 41       December 5, 1997 (Bradbury Wilkinson)
       Part 2    Postal Sale No. 43       March 27, 1998 (Bradbury Wilkinson)
       Part 3    Postal Sale No. 46       September 25, 1998 (Waterlow & Sons)
       Part 4    Postal Sale No. 48       November 27, 1998 (De la Rue)