Links to sites dealing with 1935 Silver Jubilee
The below sites specialize in their respective countries. Within each site is an excellent section dealing with the 1935 Silver Jubilee.

Silver Jubilee Site
Tony Ainscough has developed a site exclusively dedicated to the 1935 Silver Jubilee issues.
Although the site will concentrate on postal history and rates, a lot of other useful and interesting information will be made available, including a research section. Silver Jubilee postal history items can be purchased through the site.

Mike Andrews of Norfolk Island has a nice site dealing with the pre-decimal stamps of Australia. There is an excellent section outlining the printing, plating etc. of the Silver Jubilee issue. The Silver Jubilee information is found in the Early Rotary section.

British Solomon Islands
Charles Miller of San Jose, California provided an excellent description of the British Solomon Islands Silver Jubilee stamps and its variations. Unfortunately Charlie died in early 2007. Roland Klinger has decided to host the site. I am grateful to him for this gesture.  Follow the section to George V and then to The Silver Jubilee Issue.

New Zealand Jubilee Flight
Robert Clark maintains a site on New Zealand stamp images with interesting information on various Jubilee flights.

New Zealand Dependencies
Paul den Ouden in British Columbia, Canada collects stamps of the New Zealand Dependencies. Check out his site and the write ups on the Cook Islands (Page 7), Niue (page 6) and Samoa (page 4). Roland Klinger has also graciously agreed to host Paul's site on his web site.

Useful Philatelic Links
AskPhil. Chicago Collectors Club. Great resource site

British Colonial Web sites. Very useful with great resource material.

General introduction and listing of philatelic resources. Good first site to
visit for philatelic information.

British Empire Webite. Wonderful site with lots of items of historical interest

Preservation and Care of Philatelic Materials. Very useful site on maintaining material

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web. Comprehensive site with multiple links.

The Perfins Society. British Perfin Society. Great library listing. Key site for links to Perfin related material.

Philaguide. Another excellent comprehensive philatelic web site.

The Philatelic Database. Great site with constantly growing source of information, articles, maps etc

Philatelic Expertising. Very useful series of articles written by Simon Dunkerley.

Links to Postal Libraries and Museums
American Philatelic Society Library. Superb resource.

The British Library - Philatelic Collections and Archives.
Holdings include Crown Agents Philatelic and Security Printing Archives.

Canadian National Postal Archives and Library.

National Philatelic Society Library - United Kingdom.

Library of Philatelic Association of New South Wales - Australia

Listings of Philatelic Libraries and Museums.
The AskPhil web site has a comprehensive alphabetical listing   (Museums)   (Libraries)

Web Site Development
HTML and Web Design Tutorial. Two useful sites.

Web safe colour combinations. Useful reference.

Irfanview. Superb graphics import/export and manipulating program.

pdf995. The poor man's pdf writer. Very versatile. Files can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free with ads.

Picture Shark. Very easy to use image watermarking program.

Scanning images. Well laid out information on use of scanners for philatelic material.

Snagit. Amazing screen capture program. Requires to be purchased

Watermarking images and pdf files.