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Colour Trials of Great Britain Silver Jubilee issue

Between November 1934 and January 1935 the Great Britain issue underwent minor modifications in design and colour. Shown below are scanned images of the various colour trials.

Set of four imperforate colour trials. Endorsed "Proofs received 19-11-34"

All are in the design issue of the 1½d and are printed in specific colours for each value.
½d: Yellow-green
1d: Scarlet
1½d: Red-brown
2½d: Prussian blue

Picture courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions

Picture courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions

1½d imperforate in two different shades of brown.

Reverse marked:
"Colour trials for 1½ value 'furnished' by Harrison 28-XI-34"

½d imperforate colour trial proof.

Dated "15-1-35" on reverse

Note: The stamp used is slightly larger (39 x 22.5 mm) than the issued size (38.4 x 22 mm) as it was printed from a specially prepared cylinder
Picture courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions