Postal History
This category covers Dates of Issue, Timelines of stamp design and development, Postal Rates, Postal Covers, Collectors Covers, Rocket Mail and Other items of postal history interest

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Dates of issue of stamps by different countries, colonies, agencies and dependencies.

Timelines for design history and development of different issues. Includes scans of proofs etc.

1935 Postal Rates from different countries and colonies (Under construction)
Postal covers include commercial or personal letter covers that were mailed from the country or colony and have the correct postage rate on them.
These are much sought after by serious collectors.
Collectors covers are covers such as First Day Covers or covers with interesting designs on them. Many are produced by commercial companies as commemorative covers.

Rocket Mail in Australia and India. Includes scans of many covers and labels.
A number of stamps, usually of non-postal value, relating to the Silver Jubilee, were also printed. These are included as other postal items of interest.