Common Design

         Multiple Crown Script CA

Forty-four British Empire colonies have a common design and watermark (it was decided to have a shared set for the territories of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika). They are based on an accepted essay submitted by H. Fleury, a staff artist at Waterlow & Sons.

The stamp shows a vignette of a view of Windsor Castle above the river Thames within a frame. On the right is a profile of George V wearing the Imperial Crown, framed by the Collar of the Order of the Garter superimposed on the Royal Sceptre, the Dove Sceptre and the State Sword. Below the Collar is a pendant of St. George and the dragon. In the top left-hand corner is the Golden Orb. The lower corner has the value table and the words 'Postage and Revenue.' The name of the Colony is set across the sky of the vignette.

Each colony released four stamps of denominations in frequent use. The values issued were chosen according to specific criteria. One stamp had to be the usual inland letter rate, the second a denomination equal to or below 6d in value, the third the foreign letter rate, and one other a shilling of the local equivalent.

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