Silver Jubilee Booklets
Booklets containing Silver Jubilee issue stamps were produced by Great Britain, British Forces in Egypt, Ceylon and Jamaica. It is highly unlikely that any copies of the British Forces booklets have survived as the seals were limited to 10 per customer. Surviving full booklets from Great Britain are the commonest, whilst those from Jamaica are exceedingly rare.

Most of the information I have relates to the Silver Jubilee booklet from Great Britain.There a number of flaws as well as differences in the printing presentation. The latter are classified according to three "types."
              Type I     - Sheet printing
              Type II    - Booklet stamps with inverted watermarks
              Type III   - Booklet stamps with normal watermarks
The characteristics of the types are different for each value except the 2½d which was not printed for the booklet.

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Ceylon: 6c Booklets; 9c Booklets
               General Information
               jpeg = 71k

Great Britain: 3/- Booklets; 2/- Booklets
                    General Information
                     jpeg = 102k

Great Britain: ½d Types
                    jpeg = 70k

Great Britain: 1d Types
                    jpeg = 69k

Great Britain: 1½d Types
                    jpeg = 72k

Jamaica:  2/- Booklet
                    General Information
                     jpeg = 17k