This site is dedicated to the 1935 Silver Jubilee omnibus stamps of King George V of Great Britain. It includes the first common colonial stamp designed for a reigning monarch's jubilee.  It is of particular significance because of King George's great interest in stamps.

This site provides resource information, pictures of variations and flaws found in the 1935 Silver Jubilee series. It is hoped it will prove useful for others, who like me, have struggled to find pictures showing a particular variation or obtain background information.

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Many wonderful people have generously contributed scans, pictures or information so that this site can be a resource for all who visit. They are acknowledged on  individual pages and on the special acknowledgement page. I have been greatly aided in this project by John Cooper, who, kindly and freely, provided me with much background information and patiently answered my many questions.

I have attempted to describe the varieties and provide information as accurately as possible. Any errors are mine alone.

This web site is undergoing continuous development. Feel free to e-mail me with  comments or suggestions - Neil Donen (
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